Crime Prevention Patrols

Throughout the day and night New Castle Police Officers conduct directed patrols of neighborhoods, business districts, Houses of Worship, schools and government facilities. Officers continue a long time practice of being present and visible at the train station and parking lots as commuters return to their cars after later peak hours. Our tactics are highly proactive in nature, rather than reactive.

Directed patrols are logged in our Records Management System. These numbers reflect the monthly crime prevention patrols.

“Sometimes success is measured by what doesn’t happen”

January 2014
Neighborhood Patrols 1290
Business Patrols 451
School Checks 389
Off-Peak Commuter Security 177
Government Facility Checks 54
February 2014
Neighborhood Patrols 1140
Business Patrols 355
School Checks 349
Off-Peak Commuter Security 166
Government Facility Checks 76