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It’s Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week — Are You Ready?

tax-idt-button_250x250Two Ways Tax Scammers Might Target You

It’s that time of year — tax time. It’s also a great time to get up to speed on tax-related scams. Here are two ways tax scammers might target you:

Tax identity theft

This kind of identity theft happens when someone files a fake tax return using your personal information — like your Social Security number — to get a tax refund or a job. You find out about it when you get a letter from the IRS saying:

  • more than one tax return was filed in your name, or
  • IRS records show wages from an employer you don’t know

If you get a letter like this, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490. You can find more about tax identity theft at ftc.gov/taxidtheft and irs.gov/identitytheft.

IRS imposter scams

This time scammers aren’t pretending to be you — they’re posing as the IRS. They call you up saying you owe taxes, and threaten to arrest you if you don’t pay right away. They might know all or part of your Social Security number, and they can rig caller ID to make it look like the call is coming from Washington, DC – when it could be coming from anywhere. Leaving you no time to think, they tell you to put the money on a prepaid debit card and tell them the card number right away.

The real IRS won’t ask you to pay with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers, and won’t ask for a credit card number over the phone. When the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they usually do it by mail.

If you have a question about your taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or go to irs.gov. You can report IRS imposter scams to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) online or at 800-366-4484, and to the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.


The New Castle Police Department will be increasing distracted driving enforcement. The initiative will include the use of unmarked vehicles to help identify distracted drivers on New Castle roads.

Chappaqua, New York – New Castle Town Supervisor Rob Greenstein has announced that New Castle will have zero tolerance for distracted driving.  Rob Greenstein stated, “New Castle is willing to take a leadership role in fighting this growing destructive behavior.  We have begun implementing initiatives we hope surrounding areas will consider as well.  We are also working with Chappaqua residents Ben and Debbie Lieberman, who know all too much about this topic.  They lost their nineteen (19) year old son Evan following a car collision caused by distracted driving.  The Lieberman’s set up an organization to combat distracted driving known as “DORCs”–“Distracted Operators Risk Casualties.”

Ben Lieberman stated “We believe there is a need to tackle distracted driving in a similar fashion to how drunk driving was addressed decades ago. When we as a nation finally understood how lethal drunken driving was, and how vulnerable the innocent population was, we were outraged enough to do something about this behavior, both legally and socially. In a lot of ways we need to show more urgency with this current threat because Smartphone technology is so new and it is constantly evolving.” Read more ›

New Castle Officer Saves Overdose Victim

15156520809_5f18455d99_zAt 7:12 PM on September 23, 2014 New Castle Police received a 911 call stating that a man had overdosed on heroin at a residence on Quaker Road in Chappaqua.  One minute later, New Castle Police arrived at the residence and were directed to an upstairs room where a 30 year old male was found to be unresponsive.  Evidence at the scene suggested that the man had overdosed on heroin.  Officer Arthur Mendoza had recently received training in recognition of opioid overdoses and was equipped to carry and administer the drug Naloxone in such emergencies.  Naloxone is a drug which reverses the effects of opium based drugs.  Officer Mendoza administered the drug and a short time thereafter the overdose victim became conscious and responsive to questions.  Read more ›

New Castle Officer Helps Deliver Baby

At 9:11 PM on September 22 New Castle Police Received a 911 call from Chappaqua resident Gregory Calnon.  Mr. Calnon reported that his wife, Marie Calnon had gone into labor and he believed the birth of the baby was imminent.  Within 3 minutes, officers Raymond Bourbeau and Kraig Davenport of New Castle Police Department arrived at the Calnon residence just in time for officer Bourbeau to deliver a baby girl.  Mr Calnon assisted in the delivery by relaying verbal instructions from Westchester County Department of Emergency Services telephone dispatch personnel.  Mother and daughter were transported to Phelps Hospitol by Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corps.  Mr Calnon reports this morning that Mother and daughter are “Doing just fine.”

New Castle Police Department Launches Anonymous Text Program

tip411_MedRectangle_300x250The New Castle Police Department has launched tip411, an internet based tool that enables the public to text message an anonymous tip to police, and lets the police respond back creating a two way anonymous “chat”.

The program is reserved exclusively for Public Safety purposes and is powered by Minnesota-based Citizen Observer.

Anyone with a cell phone can send an anonymous tip to the New Castle Police by texting the word NEWCPD followed by the tip information to 847411 (tip411). Read more ›


A criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Press Releases

The New Castle Police Department wants to provide timely information to the public and press. Press releases for major events will be made as soon as possible. Information regarding minor incidents will be released as time permits.